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Exchange Technology Solutions (ETS) is part of the BK Global Family of Companies.  Since 1965, BK Global has been a leader in the Military retail exchange business.  We provide a comprehensive broker solution for suppliers who sell into this channel.  We work directly with AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Services), NEXCOM (The Navy Exchange Command), MCX (The Marine Corps Exchange), CGX (The Coast Guard Exchange), and VCS (The Veteran’s Canteen Service). 

Our ETS business is specifically focused on the consumer electronics departments within these exchanges.  Our services include:

• Daily buyer interaction to assist with new product introduction, forecasting, POG planning, one time buys, and any day-to-day customer service issues.

• Unmatched worldwide in-store presence by our team members, for product demonstration, POS placement, training, special events, price and availability verification, store photos and other feedback, and returns assistance.

• Comprehensive data processing and EDI services, including a wide range of custom reporting for retail sales data, order flow, and other advanced analytics.

If you would like to see your technology brand maximize its potential in the military retail marketplace, then ETS is your total solution! Please contact us today, through the link provided.

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